#025: Jeremy Rose on Flip Phones, Social Media, Parenting & Pastoring

I’m excited to share this episode with Jeremy Rose with you, but be warned: you may be compelled to make some lifestyle changes as I did, as a result of listening.

Here is Jeremy’s bio:

Jeremy Rose is a fourth-generation pastor. He grew primarily in the mountains of North Carolina. He attended Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. More than 6 years ago, he was called by God to plant a church in Nashville, TN to reach culture-shaping city dwellers. After taking a few months to get the lay of the land in Nashville, The Axis Church began meeting in the Morgan Park Community Center in October of 2009. In the years since The Axis Church began worshipping together, God has showed him that the gospel and its power to change hearts is more powerful than he could have imagined. Not only does he get to regularly see lives changed by the gospel, but also—by grace—his own life is being changed every day through the evidence of the Spirit’s work. The Axis now serves more than 300 people in the greater Nashville area.
Today, Jeremy continues as the lead and teaching pastor at the Axis, as well being a resource for other church planters all over the United States. His vision is to see a local, Jesus-exalting, gospel-centered, church-planting church in every neighborhood of Nashville.
Jeremy loves chopping wood, doing electrical work, coaching athletics, preaching the Bible, making disciples, and encouraging church planters. He has been married his wife Jill for 15 years. They have four children, JJ(’02), Bethany(’04), Caleb(’06), and Elsie Grace(’11).


In the intro I discuss the changes I’ve made, post episode-conversation.

In the episode we discuss:

-Why he recently went back to a flip phone.

-How he’s thinking about social media, the impact it’s having on him, his kids, his wife, etc.

-Self discipline.

-Work ethic.

-Raising kids & how to keep family a priority.

-His role & experiences as a pastor and church planter.

-The Axis church.

And a whole bunch more…


I hope you’ll be as encouraged as I was from my time with Jeremy.


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