#024: Winston Cruze on Real Estate, Project Management, Domestication & Much More

I am thrilled to bring you this episode with Winston Cruze.

Winston is…

the Principal Broker & Investment Manager at the Capital Realty Group.  He is married to Rachel, Dave Ramsey’s middle child.  They have two girls, Amelia & Caroline.

Winston’s role with Dave Ramsey & his company is essentially three-fold:

  1. Manage all Dave’s personal investment property.
  2. Lead all space planning & tenant rep for Ramsey Solutions.
  3. Overall project manager for the new Ramsey Solutions office campus.  (think 40+ acres, 220k+ s/ft, $50m+ project, from bare dirt)
In this episode we cover:
-All things Real Estate.
-Cash flow vs appreciation.
-Asset protection.
-The pros/cons of using debt in real estate.
-Tips on getting started.
-The new Ramsey Solutions office campus project, and his role.
-How to be a responsible dad & husband without becoming domesticated.
And much, much more.
This episode was a ton of fun, and exceeded expectations.
Please enjoy!

Entrepreneur, Investor, Optimistic Realist. Saved by Grace, Student of Life. Husband, Father, Son.

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