#022: What You Can Learn About Yourself, Others, Relationships, Teamwork & Leadership from the Enneagram, with Beth McCord

Due to it’s subject nature this episode has the potential to be the most practical and useful on a daily basis.

Beth McCord…

is an Enneagram Life Coach, Speaker and Teacher.

You can follow her work here:



She has been the personal assistant to Gail & Michael Hyatt, and now lives in Franklin TN with her husband and two children.

You can email beth here:  beth@yourenneagramcoach.com

Or follow her Instagram feed: @yourenneagramuniversity.

In this episode we cover:

-What the Enneagram is, how it’s structured, the science behind it.

-The 9 types.

-The 2 wings to each type.

-The Triad that each type fits into to.

-The 2 lines connecting each type.

-The different levels of development for each type.

-How the Enneagram relates to extrovert/introverts, DISC & StrenghtsFinder assessments.

-How to use the Enneagram in:

  1. Teams.
  2. Family and friend relationships.
  3. Spousal relationships.

-What she learned from Gail and Michael Hyatt.

-Her business now, why and how she is doing what she is doing.

-Listener questions.

Also, be sure to listen to the very end where I use Beth’s teaching to walk through:

  1. The lines connecting each type.
  2. The potential business pitfalls of each type.
  3. The parental orientation of each type.

(we ran out of time in our conversion so I added it on the end for your use)

And that’s about it!

It’s a lot, but she breaks it down handily.  I hope you find this as interesting, insightful, and helpful as I did.


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