#018: Lessons on Business, Communication, Life & Golfing with Lance Armstrong –from the King of Candor–Bill Hampton

I’ve been looking forward to this episode with Bill Hampton for some time, and am excited to share it with you!

Here’s why:

#1: His bio speaks for itself.  Here it is from years ago while he was in leadership at Dave Ramsey’s company.

Bill Hampton served the Dave Ramsey as the Executive Vice President over all communication and marketing departments.  In this role, Bill is responsible for leading the dynamic growth of Broadcast, Marketing, Creative, Live Events, Publishing, and School Curriculum.  He also led The Dave Ramsey Show, the largest independently owned and operated talk show in the country, to a national listenership of nearly 4.5 million on more than 450 affiliates.  (My note: It’s even grown like crazy since then).  Bill has served the Ramsey team since 1999, watching it grow from a mere handful of dedicated team members to its current staff of more than 300.  (My note again: that number has grown considerably since then as well).

#2: He believes in business.  Not only for the sake of business, but for the way it can benefit many.

#3: He really is the King of Candor.  Bill will tell you what he thinks.  Refreshing.

#4: He’s got a lot to learn from.

#5: He applies himself at home the same as he does at work; all in.

In this episode we cover:

-His formative years.

-His time with Dave Ramsey and his company.

-Communication & life principles.

-The learnings from close friendships and working relationships with many highly successful people.

-What it’s like to play golf with Lance Armstrong!

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