#012: TJ Tims on the Astonishing Truths of the Gospel

I give you one of my pastors, TJ Tims!

TJ is a real boat-load of gospel truth and intellect, and he was kind enough to share his time with us on this episode.

TJ is…

…assistant Pastor at the church we attend, Immanuel Nashville.  http://www.immanuelnashville.com

He earned his B.A. from Southeastern Bible College in 2008, his M.A from King’s College London in 2010 (we discuss what it was like to live in London!), and is currently a PHD candidate at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

TJ is married to Jessica and they have two little girls.

On this episode we discuss the ‘Immanuel Mantra’, what the gospel is, how to define the gospel (his answer is striking!), the absolute dangers of adding to the gospel, reformed theology, the theology of work (why work? what’s the purpose of work? how does God view work?), a couple great listener questions, and a whole bunch more!

TJ is humble, insightful, articulate, and has a gift (I think) for tying almost any conversation back to God, the Creator of it all!

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In any case, please enjoy this conversation with TJ Tims!

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