#009: Bill Seaver on why Everything is Marketing, Classical Education, and Practical Theology

I am absolutely excited to share this conversation with Bill Seaver, with you!

Bill’s bio speaks for itself.  See if you can keep up.

Here goes…

…Bill is:

-Co-founder at Everything is Marketing Now. 

-Marketing consultant, business advisor, and speaker.

-Blogs at http://billseaver.com

-Hosted a podcast the Hinge.

-Producer and host for the web show Repartee’.

-Founder of MicroExplosion Media.

-Co-founder of Epic Frequency.

-Was one of the first full-time social media consultants in the country.

-Started blogging in 2006 and has written over 1,000 blog posts.

-Was featured twice on Seth Godin’s blog.

-Helped start a church in 2010.

-Has been married 14+ years, has four kids (one adopted).

-Serves on the Board of Directors for Jonathon Edwards Classical Academy.  http://www.jecanashville.org

-Is an Elder at his church, Redeemer, in Hendersonville TN.  http://redeemertn.org

And lastly, his good buddy Christopher Thomas (who we shall be hearing from very soon!) has dubbed him “one of the sharpest guys I know”.  So there’s that.

I promise I’m not making any of this up!

On this episode we discuss why everything truly is marketing now, social media, blogging, classical education, practical theology, adoption, and much, much more.

I truly hope you enjoy this conversation, I certainly did!


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