#008: Jaimee Arroyo FNP-BC, How to be Naturally, Sustainably, and Truly Healthy

I am thrilled to share this conversation with you from Jaimee Arroyo!

Jaimee is our ‘family doc’ (Family Nurse Practitioner to be technical), and is a treasure-trove of information regarding all things holistic health and integrative medicine.

When Maryanna first…

…discovered Jaimee with Hopewell Family Care she was so excited it was all I heard about for quite some time.

It’s not always easy to find professional health care that not only puts up with one’s efforts for true, natural and holistic health but that promotes, encourages and leads with it as well.

Jaimee currently practices with Hopewell Family Care http://hopewellfamilycare.com.  She somehow manages to practice full time, while being a wife to one, a mother to three, taking frequent mission trips overseas and constantly furthering her education on top of it all.

She has travelled to and served in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Jamaica & Africa, and is fluent in Spanish and English.  Her passions include all things family health, integrative medicine, holistic health, eating habits, herbology, essential oils, supplements, vitamins, nutrients etc etc etc!

We didn’t get to nearly all of what I had prepared, but we did discuss stress, exercise, daily eating habits, the current provider shortage, how her faith affects her work, what integrative medicine and holistic health is, what sugar does to the immune system (shocking!), flu shots, vaccinations (yes we did), the ‘Genetics/Disease/Environment’ triangle, vitamins and supplements, essential oils (they’re actually not witch-craft!), big pharma, and a bunch more.

Her ‘best piece of general health advice’ at the very end will surprise you as much as it did me (it’s not close to anything you might think) and it is pure gold.

Please enjoy!!

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