#006: Barb Yoder, The Strongest Woman I Know [Hi Mom!]

This episode was quite a treat, it’s not everyday you get to interview your mom!

However, I wanted to have mom on the podcast not because she is my mother, but because of the wisdom and experiences she has gathered over the years.

For example…

…she has now been a wife, mother, widow, single parent, businesswoman, experienced a second marriage & blended families, a missionary in Thailand, counselor, grandma, and arguably my favorite: an all-around fun-loving human being.

Strong?  Check.  Her husband passes away on Friday, the funeral is Monday, and Tuesday she went to work and took over the family business while raising her four little kids.

However, she would be the first to say the strength was from God, and the entire community rallying around her.

On this episode we discuss her story, losing a spouse, being a single parent, parenting challenging children (not sure who this would be!), parenting teenagers, being a woman in business, being a missionary in a foreign country, counseling and mentoring in general, and muslim evangelism, to name a few.

This is not a short episode, but I think you’ll find it interesting.

Please enjoy, and pay no mind to the stray soundbite +/- 4 minutes in!!  (I’m still learning!)

Lastly, I really would love your feedback.  Email me at: TheKentLappPodcast@gmail.com.

Here are the links:

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