This will be a rant, and for that I apologize.

I’m sitting on a plane thinking about whether I should even write this or not.

I probably should not.

So lets pretend this piece isn’t getting published on the normal platforms (blog, world wide web etc…)

Consider this an after-hours discussion where we’re sitting together over coffee and just talking man to man.  Where we’re discussing big ideas & big questions.  Where we both say some things b/c we’re being honest and direct (something we should all be a lot more of).

Here’s the thing.

Every one is talking about the best tricks for maximizing your success, doubling your income, minimizing your stress, mitigating your self-esteem problems, strengthening your resolve, increasing your productivity, attaining a better self-awareness, persisting with passion, attaining your perfect work/life balance, finding your purpose, quieting your mind, and on and on and on and…

Here’s the problem.

No one is talking about the gospel.

No wonder we’re stressed.  No wonder life seems out of balance.  No wonder we have self-esteem problems.  No wonder our resolve is busted.  No wonder our minds are loud.  No wonder we feel inadequate.

We’re not talking about the one thing that matters the very most.

The gospel.

Through which we get to have relationship with our Creator, true purpose in life, a righteous core, a reason to live, and a cause for joy.

Here’s one thing I want to put out there:  Don’t task yourself with trying to think who I’m talking about.

I’m talking to myself.  And you.  That’s it.

I promise I verbally share the gospel less than any of you, and I am not proud of that.

But my main point is this: If we leave the gospel out the equation, we’re going to spend our entire lives feeling like we’re a step behind, like we’re missing something.

That we could attain if we could just get more exercise, more sleep, walk the dog more, spend more time with our kids, read more books, drink more water, go on more vacations, work less, do more good deeds, spend more time with family, do more yoga, listen to more self-empowering tapes, and all the rest.

All of which are great, I’d love to do better on all most fronts.

But even all that combined will not heal the ache.  The sometimes-silent-but-always-returning  hopelessness & wandering.

We need Jesus.

And we need to talk about Him more.


PS: Hey man, this has been great, thanks for coming over.  Stop in again soon!


PSS: I really am speaking to myself here.  I literally wrote this 6 months ago, I guess if it’s still relevant it may be an indication the content is evergreen. 

Entrepreneur, Investor, Optimistic Realist. Saved by Grace, Student of Life. Husband, Father, Son.

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