What I’ve Learned Lately

Life is one big learning curve.

At least I hope it doesn’t flat-line anytime soon.

I’m going to process out loud here a bit and list out some things I’ve been learning lately.

Here goes.

Cowhide rugs feel great on the bare feet. 

Fairly self-explanatory I believe.

Leadership is responsible. 

9 times out of 10, or close to it, it’s a leadership issue.  We’re responsible.

Kids don’t stay tiny long. 

I remember the days immediately following my firstborn’s entrance to the world.  Like it was yesterday.  Some of the best memories.

But he’s almost 5.  Crazy.

Have your people working in their strengths. 

As much as possible.  Put people in positions where they can work in their strengths.  Where they can utilize their talents.  Disregard this at the peril of all involved.

Dream bigger. 

No, bigger.

Get help. 

Don’t try to know it all.  You won’t and can’t.  Get help where you need it.

Musicians are cool too. 

Hello Nashville.

Address the elephant in the room.

It’s there anyway.  Very likely everyone has noticed.  Address it now.

Be thankful. 

It’s difficult to harbor bitterness, negativity, etc when we’re thankful.

Be your own person, but be classy. 

Be you, sure.  But a little class can go a long way.

Passion is KING in leadership. 

Lose your passion, lose it all.

Keep the important stuff important. 

The main things need to be the main things.

Plan ahead, set goals, prioritize. 

Children do what feels good.  Adults devise a plan and stick to it.

Some drinks are better ice cold. 

Milk is one of them.

Community matters. 

Kids need community, not just their parents.  Same goes for the parents.

Let it go to voicemail. 

Not everything that hollers needs immediate attention.

Get humble. 

And if you are already, stay.

Other’s don’t have it all figured out either. 

If you do, you’re probably the only one.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

You can have high expectations and grace simultaneously.  Or so they say.

Be clear on expectations. 

Otherwise you’ll never know who’s making the cut and who’s not.  (including yourself)

Allow time to process. 

Outside work.  Think.  Process.  Consider the past, present, and future.

You have purpose. 

God may actually have something in mind for you.  Be a shame not to care.

It all comes back to people and information. 

Get the right people, and get them the right information.  They’ll make the right decisions.

If it doesn’t feel right, it might not be. 

Trust your gut more.

Hugs feel great. 

Go surprise someone.

Entrepreneur, Investor, Optimistic Realist. Saved by Grace, Student of Life. Husband, Father, Son.

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned Lately

  1. Kent, this is really good with a zillion verberating tenants about good leadership. Your thoughts moved me in my melenclohy day to energy. Thanks!
    Keep it coming!
    – Loren Miller