Integrity Is Not Counter-Cultural, It’s the Ticket to the Game

Last week we raised the question ‘how should Christians conduct Business in Culture’.

While I’m not exactly sure what the answer to that is, I know one thing that does not set us apart by itself:



Jack Welch rants about all the companies that include integrity as a core value.  He thinks you should dig deeper, that integrity is assumed.

Integrity is the ticket to the game.

Without integrity your gig won’t survive the test of time.

He’s right.

There’s nothing too fancy or special about having integrity as a Christian in business.

Shoot, some would even argue it’s less common in ‘Christian’ businesses.

Integrity is the barrier to entry.  It’s your companies’ first Minimum Viable Product.

So it’s not all the ‘counter-cultural’.  At least not in the business world as we know it today in America.

So I’m saying all companies have integrity?

For sure not.  You hear the stories, I hear the stories.  We’ve all been ripped off at some point or another by someone shy on integrity pie.

But that’s not the culture.

So by all means have integrity.  Just don’t feel too smug, it’s kind of expected.


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