Doing Business in Culture as a Christian

This subject has me thinking when I should be sleeping, and that never happens.

What affect should my faith have in my business dealings in the culture I find myself in?

Worded differently, how should I relate to culture as a Christian Business Owner?

How should we relate to culture as employees, managers, leaders, owners, that happen to Christian?

Let me throw this out there.

Who else is teaching this stuff?  (If you know of anyone please comment below)

For business managers, leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, specifically?

I can think of quite a few ‘persons of faith’ that teach biz practices, principles, etc.

There’s also teaching on how christian’s in general should relate to culture.

But what about those three big words together: Business, Culture, Christian?

Maybe this deserves a mini-series.  I’m thinking it could get involved quick.

By being a born-again believer, in business, I’m in the mix.   Culture is assumed.  Everyone, everywhere is engaged in culture one way or another.

That may be reality for you as well.

The way I see it we have 4 options:

1. Not think about it, continue business as usual. 

By default still having an affect on culture, or having culture affect us, without any real thought or intentionality being put into it.

2. Think and talk about it, without ever making any changes. 

Effectively proving those right that say all Christian’s are hypocrites.

3. Determine that we won’t let culture affect us at all. 

Making us completely irrelevant and un-useful to the world at large.

4. Decide that we’ll just go with whatever the culture is. 

Relegating our faith to a meaningless theory.

5. By the grace of God having a positive impact on culture as Christian business people & entrepreneurs. 

Have a feeling it may not be as easy as it sounds.

Let me throw this out there.  Are we doing a good job equipping and training our own for use in their careers?

At work.  In business.  As Christians.

Think about our Bible Schools, Seminaries, etc.  We’re training people to move from the marketplace to the mission field.

To be missionaries, church planters, pastors, youth pastors, worship leaders, interns, assistants… (all extremely noble callings btw)

Am I wrong?

How much Biblical, culture-related training is out there for the Accountant?

The Marketing Manager?

The fool bent on owning his own business?  (what other word better describes someone who’s taking all the risk while being willing to get paid last?)

The Homemaker?

But let’s face it, culture is in your face. 

Notice I’m writing in English and your reading?  Culture.  Are you understanding the message I’m conveying?  Culture.  Are you reading this on your iPhone?  Culture.  Computer?  Culture.  Print out?  Culture.  Did you have a cup of coffee this morning?  Culture.  Are you skim-reading?  Culture.  Are you getting tired of the examples?  Culture.

Amish (who I very much respect) are affected by culture.  Listen to someone speaking Dutch sometime, every 5th word is English.  No cell phones?   Right.

On the other end you’ll find Christian folks that don’t act, talk, look at all different from the culture around them.  God forbid anyone ever find out they’re a person of faith.  They’re completely assimilated.

So what do we do about it?

I for one am going to go get some sleep.  And maybe pick this back up again later.




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2 thoughts on “Doing Business in Culture as a Christian

  1. the title got me…interstingly I’m nearly finished with an old read that I picked up again for the second or third time-In His Steps by Charles Sheldon. I was a little hesitant to read such an old book-1896-but must not have had anything ‘better’ around the house. But wow…this book nails it, the very thing you’re writing about, an experiement in what it means to do nothing in life before asking “what would Jesus do”?…thanks for writing.