Changes to the Blog

I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to those who have encouraged me over the years with this blog.

Those times a message really…


…resonates with someone and helps them in their situation is what makes it all worthwhile.

But due to the constraints of time which we all have to deal with the following two changes will need to be made:

1.  Weekly Posts.

We’ll go from Tuesday and Thursday posts to only Thursday posts.

If you recall this was the schedule about a year ago, we’ll go back to that game plan.

2.  Sporadic/Sparse Podcasts. 

I really enjoyed interviewing various people for the podcast, much more than I anticipated.

However there is some time involved in editing and publishing and I’m making the difficult choice to not spend it there anymore, or at least not once every month.

So that’s it really, less posts and unscheduled podcasts.

Thank you again for your support and have the best Holiday Season of your life!

Entrepreneur, Investor, Optimistic Realist. Saved by Grace, Student of Life. Husband, Father, Son.

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