Daddy, Are You Leaving Tomorrow?

The last 3 months have been busy.

Almost too busy, but the problem…


…I have is I like it that way.

Travel, full schedule, more travel, more in the schedule, more travel…and so on.

Busy fall, but I got this.

I always do.

Until my 3 year old asked the same question twice in one week when I was putting him to bed:

“Daddy, are you leaving tomorrow?”

That will wreck you.

Because he wasn’t asking if I was going to work, I do that every day.

What he was really asking was whether I would be there the next evening to tussle, play tag, hiding-seek, read books, and finally put him to bed.

He was asking whether I was leaving for the airport again tomorrow to return in a couple days.

Fortunately both times the answer was yes, I’ll be here but the point was well received: I was pushing the limits with my schedule.

So my encouragement to you is three-fold:

1.  Love on your loved ones when you can.

2.  Be thankful you have loved ones.

3.  Being gone or busy doesn’t make you a bad person, but know when enough is enough.

Question:  Have you ever been brought back to reality like this by your kids?

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2 thoughts on “Daddy, Are You Leaving Tomorrow?

  1. Great article. One thing that I have found helpful is to schedule time with kids and family just like I do work. Work can be done by delegation or others, but my kids only have one dad.